Zero waste shopping in Dublin

eco friendly zero waste

Hey guys and welcome cabs to a new zero waste post. Since we arrived to Dublin and before I was looking for a bulk shop, a shop where I could shop without plastic package, with my own bag and jars. It was a surprised for me when I saw how difficult is to find fruits and vegetables without plastic on supermarkets, and this is the easy part.  So you can imagine how difficult is to find pasta, legumes, seeds and more.

But I couple of weeks ago I found a place, and today I want to show you how we are  doing our zero waste grocery shopping. Although it’s not perfect, we still buy some products with plastic but is major improvement.This is the shop, it’s a little bit far away, but the products are organic and good quality, they have a lot of things without plastic, gluten free products… so it totally worth it. 


In my new void you san see how is the shop and how we buy our food without plastic. Like  I said before it’s far of our house which means I try to do just one travel per week to buy fruits and vegetables, dry legumes and seeds last more that a week so I just bought them when we are going to finish them. 

So I hope you like this video, and is useful for you. Let me know in the comments your opinion, advices or whatever you want to say, don’t forget to suscribe and hit the bell button. And see you in the next video and the next post.




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