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zero waste

I’ve been using Lush products for five years now and although I’m very satisfied with the results I get, I feel I need to look for new products. A few days ago I started to sail on endless websites, online shops and local shops to find new products, my requirements are: they should be vegan, zero waste as much as possible, locally produce, again, as much as possible and finally affordable.

And after days and days, looking on a million shops I finally found a place. I don’t want to be excasively optimistic because I din’t try any of their products yet but I’m really happy. I found everything fulfilling my requirements, and everything looks pretty good. Reuzi is the online shop where I found everything, the package arrive to my house in just three days and didn’t have any plastic inside. Completely zero waste.

I bought a couple of toothbrushes to replace the ones we are already using, from the brand Hydrophil, a lufa sponge for the shower, bamboo cotton buds, hair conditioner shampoo bar and a soap bar that work for the body, face, hair and beards.

 In the video down below you can see how they look and how was the unboxing of my first order to this online shop. In the description of the video, on Youtube, you can find all the links of the products that I bought in case you want to see the ingredients or you want to buy them.


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