Vintage Shops in Dublin


I have finally found the style of second hand shop I like. This Saturday we visited three second hand shops, two of them vintage and they are simply beautiful, and I finally know where to look for when I need/want something new. The third one is not vintage, it’s style is more retro and actual, but they also have clothes from local designers.

Take a walk a Saturday morning and visit this kind of places makes my weekend and makes me feel like I finally found a place to go and feel like myself. 

This is the video I filmed to show you how and where they are, I hope you like it. Down below you have the addresses.


The Harlequin: 13 Castle Market, Dublin, D02 XH05.
Jenny Vander: 50 Drury Street, Dublin, D02 K462.
Siopaella: 29 Wicklow St, Dublin 2.


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