2019 resolutions and gratitude


Hello everyone!

Every day of the year is a good moment to try to change your habits and improve your life in some way, but the first day of the year has something special. Something symbolic, you left the bad things behind you, in the past, and you start a new year trying to change and improve your life. And also is a good moment to say thanks for the good things you have last year. Sometimes we just focus in the bad things and how they make us feel and we don’t think about the good things that happened or we just minimalize them. So is a good moment to put some perspective in your life, be thankful and more positive, left behind your bad feelings. 

The first thing I want to do this year is my new resolutions list (and don’t give up in of them in January) and this make me think of the things I did on 2018 and the things I didn’t. And feel thankful to myself and everyone who help me to achieve my 2018 goals. 

-In December 2017 I gave birth and after that I really needed to lose weight, there were healthy reasons for it. During my pregnancy I eat a lot, you can’t imagine how much I ate. And after giving birth I need to lose 30k. Well, my goal for 2018 was loss 20k and I lost almost did it, which is massive.  I remember at beginning of this journey to think how impossible it would be, and several times in between to feel so exhausted when the scale didn’t go down. But at the end, I lost almost 20k.

Is not the end, I need to loss another 10k this year. And I need to say thank you to my husband, he stay with me helping me all the time, supporting me and suffering me. 

I’m really happy and thankful of what I achieve and this is my first new resolution-> lose 10k. 

-The next thing I’m really thankful is that we moved to Dublin. We dreamed about move abroad for so many years, and finally we moved here recently and we still feeling this like a very long holidays. 

So my new year resolution is just discover this city, know places that we could love. And just be happy. 

-My next resolution is about my use of plastic, every step you take is a good step, you help to reduce the crazy amount of plastic that every day humans use. I’m thankful of the steps I taked in 2018 and most of all, all the things I learned about this. But for me what I’ve done it’s not enough and in 2019 I want to use less plastic. And not only use less plastic, be more zero waste in every aspect of my life, baby steps but quickly. 

-The next resolution is about yoga, you can practice yoga almost every where and there are a lot of information and free routines in youtube to do. And I feel  so thankful for this, I want to say thank you to all the people who create amazing yoga routines and publish them in youtube for free. Without them I would never try yoga. 

And this new year I want to take yoga classes, improve my skills and make a real routine of this. And also, it’s not the same but it’s linked, I want to meditate every day.

-Is impossible to read too much books, this doesn’t exist. I feel thankful for the books I read and the authors who wrote them. This is one of the biggest pleasures of my life. And my goal for this new year is to read more.

-And finally, and this is something very personal. I want to be more persistence this year, not give up so easily and work harder.  Work harder in my photos, in my videos and writing. 


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