Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2018


This season build my capsule wardrobe was easier and harder than ever. My winter capsule wardrobe this season is simply my whole wardrobe, all my clothes are part of my capsule wardrobe. This doesn’t mean I didn’t plan and thought about my wardrobe, I meditated pretty much about every piece of clothing I have, if they match with the style I want get and as always if they are comfortable and versatile. 

Your style changes over time, is a part of the life. You grow, live, know new things, your life changes and you like new things, is something beautiful in fact. I was waiting to arrive to Dublin (mainly for technical reasons, it was better to bring little luggage) to look for new clothes and try to guide my style to a different direction. 

After a while looking for inspiration, accumulating photos, reading blogs and following instagram accounts I found the style I love. The style with which I identify myself right now. This winter capsule wardrobe is just the beginning of me trying to get this kind of style. 

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