Thrift haul


I know how rare could be to see a haul in my channel or in my blog, I don’t usually buy a lot of clothes at same time because I try to buy only if I need them and what I need. But I spent the last two months looking for a few pieces that I feel I really “need”. I didn’t have any luck but fortunately and surprisely yesterday I found a few beautiful and amazing things.

This is how it is to buy on second hands shops, sometimes you don’t find anything in months, and then one day you find the jewel of your crown, something beautiful, maybe just exactly what you have been looking for so long, but maybe something similar of good enough for you. But always a treasure, I’m sure. Is similar to a marathon, sometimes you could feel exhausted and¬†discouraged, but at the end it worth it. To be honest with you I never feel in this way when I buy clothes from fast fashion, in fact I usually feel kind of bad because I know how much damage cause fast fashion to our environment. Sometimes I don’t have any other options but I definitely feel better buying from second hand shops.

I was so happy that I wanted to share with you all my happiness and I filmed a super short video showing you the four clothes that I found. Literally 4 clothes, but I feel them like they were a million. I hope you like this video.

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