Last days of summer – Lookbook


These are my favourite days of the summer, the last ones, when you can feel que cold coming and days start to be shorter. I’m not going to miss the summer, I’m waiting for the leaves falling down with ocre colours and the almost constant rain. It smells different, it feels different for me.

In these kind of days get dress is a challenge, you never now if it’s going to rain or be a super hot day and you have to be prepared. I’ve been thinking for a while on create a lookbook for this kind of days, using part of my summer capsule wardrobe and part of the clothes from las last autumn capsule wardrobe.

Is also an excellent opportunity to take a look of the clothes that I have from the last autumn and start to think on my next capsule wardrobe, do I miss something? Do I need or want something new? Or maybe I didn’t use something last autumn? This is always a good exercise to not accumulate clothes in my wardrobe and always be ready.

In today’s lookbook you will see some of my favourite clothes from summer and autumn, they are comfortable and beautiful, they make me feel secure of myself and  finally, they are really versatile. I’m trying to get a feminine style, something atemporal, vintage inspired and very stylish.

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