Zero Waste Skin Care Routine

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Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Today I want to share with you my current zero waste skin care routine, it’s not perfect, it’s not completely zero waste I know, but it’s enough for my right now. All the products are from Lush and I probably I should use a couple of more products so if you know something about it let me know in the comments.

The products I’m using right now are first of all Ultrabland as makeup remover and moisture my skin (this is where I should probably add a new product).¬†After that I use a face scrub Ocean Salt that smell amazing and works perfectly. In fact this is the first scrub that actually works on me. And the last product I use is a mask, Mask of Magnaminty to clean and hidrate my skin. I’ll probably try other mask in the future but this one totally works (it’s just for fun).


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